Computer Repair Cost and Prices

We provide a fair and transparent pricing with no hidden cost to you. Our engineers will explain to you the work that needs to be done and the estimated cost involved. We don’t charge you for call out fee… We hold ourselves to high standards of excellence.

In any odd situation any of our engineers fall short of expectation please contact us first. We promise to ensure a satisfactory result for our customers. Our goal is to add value to you and your business.

Basic charge from———————————————————————————————-£60/hr

Windows re-installation —————————————————————————————£120

Laptop Screen Replacement from depending on model of laptop——————————£100

Replacement of Laptop DC Power Jack ——————————————————————-£80

Small business IT Support (2-20 computers)

Call for network audit and quote for your company regular IT maintenance contract

Basic from ———————————£60 per hour

Half Day (4hrs) —————————£240

Full Day (7.5hrs) ————————£450

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